Cesar Franck: Organ Works [2CD]

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  • Producent: Lawo Records
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  • Wykonawca: Bjorn Boysen
  • Nośnik: 2CD
  • Instrument lidera: organs
  • Kompozytor: Cesar Franck (1822-1890)
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Recital Organowy
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Editor's info:
On my retirement from the Norwegian Academy of Music, I was given the generous offer of the use of the Uranienborg organ to practice on, an offer I have made very good use of. Over the years I have become increasingly enthusiastic about the instrument. Every time I sit down on the organ bench I relive some of the youthful excitement I felt that led me to choose the organ as my career.

I had been toying with the idea of recording Franck’s organ works for some years and had had in mind an instrument maintained in an uncompromising, French symphonic style. As I gradually played my way through the repertoire, however, I realized that it would not be easy to find a Cavaillé-Coll copy that would meet the demands of Franck’s music as well as the organ at Uranienborg did. Here I found a clarinet on the Ryggpositiv that could be used as a solo stop accompanied by full swell in the Grande Piece Symphonique. There are flutes that balance full swell in the Final; a beautiful, singing tone in the foundation stops, and an impressive tutti. I do perhaps miss having French pedal reeds, the sound is sometimes a little too rounded. Neither is the flute on the Great overblowing as it would be in the French tradition, but what does that matter when it makes such a lovely sound?
by Bjorn Boysen

Bjorn Boysen, organ

1. Cesar Franck: Andantino 07:26
2. Cesar Franck: Fantaisie en ut, Op. 16 11:33
3. Cesar Franck: Grande Piece Symphonique, Op. 17 26:33
4. Cesar Franck: Pastorale, Op. 19 09:15
5. Cesar Franck: Priere, Op. 20 12:30
6. Cesar Franck: Final, Op. 21 11:45

1. Cesar Franck: Prélude, Fugue et Variation, Op. 18 10:04
2. Cesar Franck: Fantaisie en la 13:31
3. Cesar Franck: Cantabile 05:34
4. Cesar Franck: Piece héroique 08:22
5. Cesar Franck: Trois Chorals No. 1 in E major 15:31
6. Cesar Franck: Trois Chorals No. 2 in B minor 13:09
7. Cesar Franck: Trois Chorals No. 3 in A minor 12:34

wydano: 12 January 2018
nagrano: Recorded in Uranienborg Church, Oslo, 26–29 January 2017

more info: www.lawo.no

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