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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
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multikulti.com - ocena * * * * 1/2:
Wydawnictwo Avishaia Cohena Razdaz Recordz prezentuje płytę amerykańskiego gitarzysty - Kurta Rosenwinkela.

Kurt Rosenwinkel to jeden z największych światowych gitarzystów jazzowych. Jest absolwentem słynnej Berklee School of Music. Grał w zespołach Gary'ego Burtona, Joe Hendersona, Paul Motian Electric Bepop Band, John Scofield`s Hollowbody's Band czy Brian Blade’s FELLOWSHIP. Ma na swoim koncie kilkanaście autorskich albumów, nie stroni od nagrań w charakterze sidemana. Od początku swojej kariery pojawił się na ponad pięćdziesięciu płytach, nagrywając z rozmaitymi artystami o odmiennej stylistyce.

Spośród autorskich płyt największy rozgłos zdobyła „Deep Song” (Verve, 2005). Na krążku gitarzyście towarzyszą Brad Mehldau na fortepianie, Joshua Redman na tenorowym saksofonie, Larry Grenadier na kontrabasie oraz za perkusją Jeff Ballard i Ali Jackson. Wielu krytyków uznało tę pozycję za najwybitniejszą w dotychczasowym dorobku artysty. Doskonale przyjęto też dwupłytowy album będący zapisem koncertu z Village Vanguard. U boku lidera wystąpili Mark Turner na saksofonie tenorowym, Aaron Parks na fortepianie, Joe Martin na kontrabasie i za perkusją Eric Harland.

Nowa, dopiero co wydana płyta "Caipi" ma szansę na podobnie wysokie oceny. Wielka w tym zasługa zaproszonych gości, spośród których świetnie prezentuje się córka Eliane Elias - wokalistka Amanda Brecker. Wogóle wokalistki i wokaliści są mocną stroną nagrania - Pedro Martins, Kyra Garéy, Antonio Loureiro, Zola Mennenöh i wspomniana Amanda Brecker. Na osobną pochwałę zasługują goście specjalni - gitarzysta Eric Clapton i saksofonista tenorowy Mark Turner.

Jednak fundamentem płyty jest lider i kompozytor - Kurt Rosenwinkel, który gra tutaj na niezliczonej liczbie instrumentów. Kompozycje na najnowszą płytę pisał z myślą o długiej pracy w studio, to nie jest płyta, która została nagrana na "setkę". Materiał był długo dopieszczany w studio. Słychać to w najdrobniejszym szczególe. Kurtowi udało się przy tym uzyskać spójny efekt muzyczny, aranżacje są rozbudowane, a całość płynnie przechodzi od bardzo romantycznych po ekspresyjne ballady, przesycone brazylijską, kołyszącą bossą. Gitarzysta ma talent do melodyjnych tematów i takie tu usłyszymy.

Kurt Rosenwinkel z przyjaciółmi stworzyli fascynujący spektakl muzyczny iskrzący się błyskotliwymi improwizacjami.
autor: Mateusz Matyjak
Copyright © 1996-2017 Multikulti Project. All rights reserved

All About Jazz - rating * * * * 1/2:
Ten years in the making and with master guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel predominantly playing all the instruments (aside from additional contributions from notable guests such as Mark Turner on tenor saxophone and Eric Clapton on "Little Dream"), this is an intriguingly fine album of light, but not lightweight, tracks.

Opening with a distinctly Brazilian feel on the title track, its successor, "Kama," is characterised by falsetto, slightly tremulous vocals and legato violin from Frederika Krier. Typically, the pop/rock element of the songs presented here, such as on "Chromatic B," are deceptively straightforward sounding but in truth they're anything but. Skilfully crafted, the tunes contain a wealth of ideas often interposed with complex time signatures and overlaid motifs, that are atypical of most pop music.

There are bursts of scintillating Pat Metheny-like guitar on "Casio Vanguard" which elevate the Latin-tinged song to a new level. When singing tunes such as "Hold On," Rosenwinkel's voice shares with fellow guitar virtuoso Larry Coryell a similar fragility. Both guitarists are not the most dynamic of vocalists, but this is ameliorated by the emotionally-charged sincerity in their respective voices. So the vocals do actually work, and are often augmented by guest backing vocalists such as Amanda Brecker, Zola Mennenoh and Kyra Garey.

In the guitar breaks of the closer "Little B," Rosenwinkel evinces some Allan Holdsworth-esque axe work but nonetheless retains his own inimitable identity throughout. Rosenwinkel has produced, almost single-handedly, a staggeringly good album of heart-warming, memorable tunes. Eric Clapton is quoted as saying "Kurt Rosenwinkel is a genius-he really is." Slowhand's not wrong; he is indeed one seriously talented dude.
by Roger Farbey

ginalovesjazz.com - rating * * * * *:
Guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel has recorded his new album “Caipi” in Berlin’s Heartcore Studios and has named his own, new label Heartcore Records. The first release on his new imprint is his own album where he not only plays acoustic and electric guitars, but electric bass, piano, drums, percussion, synth, and casio, and where he sings. The result: a jazz-pop-Brazil hybrid that is so very entertaining and a pure joy to listen to that I would depict it as the first real highlight of the year.

On the opening title track which sounds like a jazzed-up Vinicius Cantuária and “Kama”, where Pedro Martins helps out with his voice (as the 23-year old does on most of the tracks in addition to playing drums, keys, and percussion), the hypnotic nature of the material on this album comes to the fore. The music continues in totally compelling ways with the breezy “Casio Vanguard” with its exotic vocals and lyrics by Antonio Loureiro. This music is the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming spring season and is destined to stay on constant repeat at home, in the car, on the phone, at work. Truly just what we need – a very necessary and beautiful form of distraction.

Kurt continues his explorations into formerly completely unknown territory with another densely atmospheric vocal cut which also features the voice of Kyra Garéy alongside his own vocals and those of Perdo Martins (who will be one of the next artists to release an album (“Vox”) on Heartcore), reminding me at times of the best Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays period and its ultra-cool meshing of styles and sounds. The breakbeat and offbeat character of “Chromatic B” with its grooving underpinning slightly moves away from what might be described on the surface as the lighter sounds from the first four tracks. There is even an alternative-rock approach with the uncannily sympathetic vocals on “Hold On” which has some similarities to early 80s UK synth pop – and the most striking elements of it. It is the perfect pop song!

The mood is changed to melancholy and sweet purity for “Ezra”, a breathtakingly beautiful ballad with a sensual and sexy tenor sax solo by Mark Turner. The pulsatory groove behind the piece is magically enhancing the vast breadth of the slowly developing mood track. Amanda Brecker helps out with her voice on “Little Dream”, another groove-heavy, very atmospheric vocal track that veers towards the alternative pop world in its chorus and has more of those mesmerizing voice arrangements. Eric Clapton has a cameo role on guitar here as well.

It’s back to those Cantuária-isms for “Casio Escher”, another one of those highly infectious Brazilian tunes where wordless vocals, softly thumping drums and Kurt’s guitar come together for a perfect symbiosis before Mark sets in to accompany and accentuate the otherworldly melody and finally he and Kurt play some lines in gorgeous unison. And there is more: the voice of Zola Mennenöh putting an extra accent on the excellent “Interscape”, another one of those pieces reminding me of the Pat Metheny Group, this time circa “Letter From Home” where he used the voice and percussion of Pedro Aznar. Another brilliant groove. The final cut here, “Little B”, features more of Kurt’s virtuosic guitar playing (alongside more of those infectious vocals) that is probably too seldom heard for his diehard fans.

What an utterly beautiful surprise. Heralding the caipi season a bit earlier this year.
by Matthias Kirsch

Editor's info:
The most influential and strikingly original guitarist-composer of his generation makes a radical leap in his musical direction on Caipi, the debut release on his new label Heartcore Records, (with label Razdaz Recordz). Ten years in the making, Caipi is easily his most personal expression to date and features Rosenwinkel playing all the instruments (drums, bass, piano, synthesizers, percussion) and showcases him prominently on vocals on tunes like the hard rocking “Hold On,” the ethereal “Summer Song” and the slow ballad “Ezra”, named for his son. The lilting “Little B” is named for his other son Silas, who was nicknamed Little Bear as a toddler. Elements of rock and jazz co-exist happily with all the easily recognizable features of his personal style; above all, there is ample space for the evolving world of Brazilian music in its most recent guise and, in particular, the Brazilian love song. To some extent this symbolises Kurt’s natural leaning towards the creation of melodies of considerable emotional impact, a highly distinctive feature and an unavoidable element in his markedly romantic artistic vision.

Kurt Rosenwinkel: guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion, synthesizer, voice
Pedro Martins: voice, drums, keyboards, percussion
Frederika Krier: violin (2,5,10)
Andi Haberl: drums (2)
Antonio Loureiro: voice (3)
Alex Kozmidi: baritone guitar (3)
Kyra Garey: voice (4)
Mark Turner: tenor saxophone
Eric Clapton: guitar (8)
Zola Mennenoh: voice (10)
Amanda Brecker: voice (7,8,9)
Chris Komer: French horn (11)

1. Caipi
2. Kama
3. Casio Vanguard
4. Summer Song
5. Chromatic B
6. Hold On
7. Ezra
8. Little Dream
9. Casio Escher
10. Interscape
11. Little b

wydano: 2017-02-10
more info: www.razdazrecordz.com
more info2: www.kurtrosenwinkel.com

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