Jammin' in the House of Dread

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  • Producent: ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
  • Wykonawca: Big Youth
  • Nośnik: CD
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"As always, Big Youth performs like a cool king of riddim, bubbling across the instrumental's steady-throbbing bass-swollen beat like a repeater drum of the Nyabinghi groundations. His sing/chant runs the gamut from crooning rhymes, to bingiman chants, to soul-inspired falsetto trills, to gleefully hysterical shouts. He feeds off his Japanese fans and gives them back much more."
Elena Oumano, Liner Notes

"What a wonderful evening!"
Big Youth from CD

"Excellent!" - Doug Wendt, Pulse!

"He stands dread and shoulders above most of the (DJ) pack. Youth is one of only a few DJ's who sound as good live as they do on disc." - Reggae Beat

"The first reggae star to sport dreadlocks on stage was Big Youth (Joe Frasier Revue, Carl Carib Theatre 1973). This was a defining moment not only in reggae but in Jamaican cultural history. Everybody's jaw dropped. People just marveled at what they were seeing. Before this Rastafarians were vilified as low-life criminals, the dregs of society. Big Youth roared onto the scene and began dominating the Jamaican record charts." - Reggae Routes- Kevin O'Brien Chang & Wayne Chen

"He was the first genuine ghetto youth to find success as a recording DJ. This was a man who understood the delicate balance of the ghetto streets, the relationship between having fun and the harsh realities because it was his territory, the Suffrah Culture. He still performs on a fairly regular basis and hasn't lost any of his spirit." - Reggae on CD - Lloyd Bradley

"His records are truly entertaining because he brings not only his broad wit and enormous verbal invention to everything he does, but a strong sense of pop music too." - Reggae, Rasta, Revolution- Chris Potash

"The music is not only grim and radical, it is also uplifting and stimulating. Excellent vocals backed a steady throbbing bass swollen beat and rhythm." - Rock & Soul, France

"His front teeth inlaid with red, green and gold gems, Big Youth (Manley Buchanan) is probably the best known and most popular of all reggae DJ's, with a career that's been going strong since the early '70's. He gave toasting a style." - Trouser Press

"A stylistic and artistic innovator of the highest order. He built an awesome reputation. In the mid-'70's he rode like lightning and Bob Marley was the only artist to approach his popularity. His innovations are still reverberating through reggae and rap." - Guinness Who's Who of Reggae

"Beginning in the early '70's, Manley Buchanan (Big Youth) brought a sense of joy and wisdom to the DJ fraternity. His infectious voice and cultural perspective brightened a scene that must otherwise have taken itself too seriously. He set high standards for his contemporaries." - Roots - Chuck Foster

"The aura of ganja-fogged sweltering summer afternoons which defines a pleasurable reggae concert is rarely captured on recorded material. Jamming is a pleasant exception. The vibes he laid down are killers." - Reflex

Lloyd Parks and "We the People Band"

1. I Pray Thee
2. Every Nigger Is a Star
3. im Squeechy
4. House of Dread
5. Things Friend
6. Ten Against One
7. Hit the Road Jack (Tribute to Bob, Peter, Bunny)

wydano: 1999-09 Digitally Remastered and Re-edited by Pomeroy Audio
nagrano: Recorded at Reggae Sunsplash, Live in Osaka, Japan - August 30th, 1990
more info: www.roir-usa.com

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