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  • Producent: FreeForm Associacion (PL)
  • Wykonawca: Agusti Fernandez
  • Nośnik: CD
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Agustí Fernández urodził się w 1954 roku, w Palma de Mallorca w Hiszpanii. Pianista nazywany spadkobiercą Cecila Taylora i Iannisa Xenakisa (u którego zresztą studiował w latach siedemdziesiątych). Laureat nagrody w 1987 roku na II Bienalle de Jóvenes Artistas Creadores de Tesalónica w Grecji. Współzałożyciel i kierownik kilku zespołów wykonujących muzykę współczesną i improwizowaną [Orquestra del Caos , Big Ensemble del Taller de Músics (Barcelona), IBA (Improvisadors de Barcelona)]. Towrzy muzykę do balletów współczesnych i przedstawień teatralnych. Koncertował i nagrywał w wieloma najważniejszymi twórcami awangardowego jazzu i muzyki współczesnej: Benat Achiary, Derek Bailey, John Butcher, Lawrence Casserley, Tom Cora, Marilyn Crispell, J.A.Deane, Dani Domínguez, Gunda Gottschalk, Mats Gustafsson, Barry Guy, John Edwards, Teppo Hauta-aho, Graham Haynes, Susie Ibarra, Christoph Irmer, Klaus Janec, Peter Jacquemyn, Bern Köppen, Peter Kowald, Jo Krause, Ramón López, Paul Lovens, Mat Maneri, Wade Matthews, David Mengual, Wolfgang Mitterer, Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris, Sainkho Namtchylak, Le Quan Ninh, Steve Noble, Tony Oxley, Evan Parker, William Parker, Günther Pitscheider, Jane Rigler, Joel Ryan, Wolfgang Reisinger, Jon Rose, Jordi Sabates, Mark Sanders, Joan Saura, Matthew Shipp, Paul Stouthamer, Omar Tamez, Emilio Tamez, Hans Tammen, Danilo Terenzi, Assif Tsahar, Liba Villavecchia, David Xirgu i Carlos Zingaro. Od 2002 roku stały członek Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble [jednej z niewielu awangardowych grup nagrywających dla ECM] i Barry Guy New Orchestra.

Wydana w roku 1986 płyta "Ardent" jest jego nagraniowym, solowym debiutem. Teraz właśnie doczekała się wznowienia i kompaktowej edycji dzięki staraniom poznańskiej oficyny FreeForm Associacion.

Editor’s info:
Ardent is an unusual album. It's unusual because in these parts - specially in Palma de Mallorca where Agustí Fernández was born - it's hard to find a pianist who composes his own music; unusual also because it's not often that you get a musician deciding to record a first album after 20 years of constant professional practice. But the same circumstances that make of Ardent an unusual album make it also an extraordinary album.

For those of us who've enjoyed Agustí Fernández in concert, this album fulfils a long-cherished desire. And those who haven't had the chance to see him live are in for a surprise, because, far from being simply a promising first work, this is strong and uncompromising music. His songs are passionately written, rigorously composed, and admirably played.

The passion announced already in the title of the third song Ardent - which gives its name to the album - and in the song Esclava del desig, pervades the whole album and will capture everyone who listens to it. The rigorous composition of the songs makes them anything but gratuitous. From the very beginning Agustí Fernández demonstrates that contemporary music isn't incompatible with complexity.

None of the songs stray into triviality. We often find complex fragments which nevertheless catch our attention and are easily understandable (Count, for example, the notes in Roma: those are all there are; no more no less). And this means, evidently, that Agustí Fernández explains himself perfectly, and that he's able to give it all out in a clear and simple way.

His idea of the piano and music is consistent with what he does and the way he does it. There's no trick, failure, or excessive showiness. The unmistakeable sound of his instrument is pure, without disturbing reverberations or excess of effects; striking in its impact. And his delightful singing, his every word! Even though Ardent is a collection of selected songs and not an album planned as a whole, its peculiarities and virtues, as we can see in Bolero pa'tí, make its music unequivocally cohesive.

All the better if from all these facts we can conclude that Agustí Fernández can't be categorized under any label. There aren't many of whom the same can be said. Those are the best ones after all: the ones who are able to awake interest and master the widest spectrum of musical tastes, once they set themselves to it. To listen to Ardent, this unusual and extraordinary album, is to discover an exceptional musician.
Jordi Cornudella, 1986

All compositions by AGUSTÍ FERNÁNDEZ
Recorded at Estudis Coral in Barcelona 11th and 12th July 1986
Sound engineer JOAN SURRIBAS
Original graphic design PERE CELMA
Executive producer EMILI BALERIOLA

Digital transfer from the original tapes: Enric Giné / CD Mastering: Ferran

Agusti Fernandez: piano

1. Znort! (2:42)
2. El Mar Sota La Neu (4:26)
3. Ardent (6:54)
4. Per Por De La Por (5:34)
5. Esclava Del Desig (2:31)
6. Tina (4:21)
7. Metros (3:57)
8. Roma (4:25)
9. Bolero Pa'ti (4:45)

total time - 39:39
wydano: 2016-01
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Golden State
66,99 zł
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