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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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seria wydawnicza: Spontaneous Music Tribune Series is dedicated to iberian free improvised music
kontynent: Europa
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Liner notes eng
The avant-garde scene of free jazz and free improvised music in Barcelona has one very special and unique characteristics. The artists on this scene are unquestionable masters of creating “fake sounds”. This name should not evoke any associations with “fake news” – the ability to create “fake sounds” is a very positive and artistically creative and innovative one. This is an ability to generate from a given musical instrument sounds that remind other, completely different instrument or industrial noise or musique concrete. The prepared piano may the sound like a drumset, the acoustic double bass like an electric guitar, the electric guitar like a violin, and the saxophone like all of those.

Spontaneous Music Tribune series represents very well this Barcelona specialty from the very beginning: Völga quartet, Memoria Uno’s “Son of Liberty/Live at Granollers” , Phicus’ “Plom”, “Lisboa’s Work” of Albert Cirera, “Terra Plana” by Albert Cirera and Witold Oleszak, and “Venusik” by Axel Dörner/Agustí Fernández/Ramon Prats are the perfect examples. Perhaps even more paradigmatic for the idea of “fake sounds” is the present album, “ Aliatge” (Alloy), recorded by Albert Cirera (saxophones) and Ferran Fages (electric guitar).

Albert is one of the most innovative saxophonists of the world avantgarde. His artistic career is connected not only to Barcelona, but also to Lisbon, where he lived and worked for several years, and more recently to Copenhagen, where he finishes currently his graduate studies. Albert’s techniques of creating unusual sounds from a saxophone are infinitely rich: he uses keys, mouthpiece, he puts objects in the instrument, he blocks the airflow in various manners etc. It is actually much more appealing to hear and see him playing. Despite the young age his discography is spectacular, and in addition to two releases in the SMT series, it includes series of albums with Memoria Uno (which he co-conducts with Iván González), with Duot (a duo with Ramon Prats), and Les Cróniques (a series of duos with various artists) . Ferran Fages is also one of the leading innovative guitarists in the area of free improvisation. His discography consists of nearly 30 discs, including fantastic recordings for Discordian Records and Creative Sources, and two phenomenal albums with Phicus (one for SMT and one with Ilya Bielorukov for Intonema).

On “Aliatge” Albert and Ferran melt their artistic egos into a single stable alloy. The analogy with physics of metals, steels and alloys is in fact very appropriate. Our current understanding of metallurgy goes back to the developments of thermodynamics by the great American physicist, Josiah Willard Gibbs in the XIXth century. Loosely speaking, when one melts and mixes components of an alloy, after cooling one does not typically get a useful material. As explained by Gibbs, cooling process drags the systems to the state of local equilibrium, which corresponds to a local minimum of the so called Gibbs’ free energy. To get a stable and useful alloy one needs to cool down to the absolute (global) minimum of thermodynamic energy, or at least to very deep minimum. This is achieved typically by using an annealing sequence: cooling to a local minimum, heating a little, cooling to a deeper minimum, heating a little, and so on…

Albert and Ferran realize here a musical simulated annealing. “Thermodynamic energy” can be regarded here as negative of synergy – local minima of energy correspond thus to local maxima of synergy. The musicians start the pieces uncorrelated and seek for a close peaceful encounter, something like a local maximum of synergy. They “heat then a little” – i.e. they trade synergy for individual expression and energy for some time, and then seek for another, higher maximum of synergy. And so on… Each of the seven pieces is named after various alloys, and represents in a sense various approaches to create stable mixtures via the process of “simulated annealing” - perpetual “cooling” and “heating” phases that seek to maximize synergy as much as possible in the down-up-down-up steps. “Aliatge” is evidently a clear masterpiece of this way of creating free improvised music.
by Maciej Lewenstein

Ferran Fages: Electric Guitar
Albert Cirera: Tenor and Soprano Sax

01. Alino
02. Cruponíquel
03. Magal
04. Nicrom
05. Peltre
06. Zamak

total time - 38:20
wydano: 2019-04-08
nagrano: Recorded by Ralph Lopinski the XXth of november of 2017, in Barcelona
Mixed by Abdul Moimeme, in Lisboa
Mastered by Ferran Conangla, in Barcelona

more info: www.multikulti.com
more info2: target='_blank' >www.albertcirera.com
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