• Kod: RIT04
  • Producent: Ritornell Rec. (FR)
  • Wykonawca: Achim Wollscheid
  • Nośnik: CD
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Współczesna Elektronika
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

All Music Guide:
The German sound-artist considers this work a documentary of his work in the radio medium it appears -- the liner notes of this album explain a shameless simplicity of means, emphasizing the complex ramifications of such an act. Frequently presenting his work on the Frankfurt station Radio X, this CD on the Mille Plateaux sublabel Ritornell was recorded in 1999, when the artist took a random selection of CDs to the airwaves in a collage that would have beat and ambient DJs holding their ears. This music is highly experimental, not the IDM or ambient that the Mille Plateaux label is known for, but more the experimental sounds you could expect from the artist's own label, Selektion -- documentaries of sound-art happenings that pragmatically present raw recordings of experimental will rather than sculpted minimalist electronica. A fantastically blurred conglomeration, this recording covers the varying degrees of experimental music. For the first half of this single-track CD, the passages fold from one bed of static and erratic noise to minimalist sub-bass modulations; acoustic and electronic sounds are combined and re-configured with an atonal sense that is focused more on texture than it is on rhythm. Fields of drones and fluttering digital noise grace the second half, similar to the cartridge music of John Cage were it made in the digital age.
by Sylvie Harrison

1. Airs 1
2. Airs 2
3. Airs 3
4. Airs 4
5. Airs 5
6. Airs 6

total time - 01:59:59
wydano: 1999-12-14
nagrano: Recorded live 23/05/1999 at Radio-X
more info: www.mille-plateaux.com

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