A [Vinyl 1LP]

  • Kod: EDNLP1122
  • Producent: Edition Records (UK)
  • Wykonawca: Anton Eger
  • Nośnik: Vinyl 1LP
  • Instrument lidera: drums
  • Cena: 99,99 zł
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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Editor's info:
For over a decade Anton Eger has made his mark in Europe as one of the most exciting and energetically virtuosic drummers on the scene. Following his captivating live performances and recordings with the likes of Phronesis and Marius Neset, ‘A’, his eponymous debut, is highly anticipated and will undoubtedly propell his profile to new heights. Full of high-energy drumming, complexity and unpredictability with ‘A’ Anton has pulled out all the stops, drawing on an eclectic genre-defying mix of electronica, hardcore contemporary beats and retro musical guilty pleasures.

Anton Eger: drums, voice, tambourine, shaker, plastic, phake pandeiro, stunt surdo
Juliette Marland: voice
Matt Calvert: guitar, korg trident, live drum processing/electronics, juno 6
Dan Nicholls: wurlitzer, prophet 12
Robin Mullarkey: electric bass, wurlitzer, prophet 12
Petter Eldh: rpolysix, bass synth1, synthesizers, polysix, electric bass, guitar, softsyntar, jazzgura, morphagene
Niels Broos: moog solo, polysix
Christian Lillinger: drums
Otis Sandsjö: saxophones
Ivo Neame: mellotron
Mathias Heise: harmonica

Produced by Petter Eldh and Anton Eger
Executive producer Dave Stapleton

A1. HERb +++ gA
A2. Oxford Supernova +++ jC
A4. datn +++ oS
A5. Sugaruzd +++ pT
B1. Monolith +++ tR
B2. Severn B +++ fP
B3. ?irl MIP +++ hH
B4. Never Not +++ kMp
B5. Sufflör +++ sB

wydano: 2019-02-08
nagrano: Recorded May 29th-31st 2018 by Kristian “Kole” Thomsen at Frostbox Studios, Copenhagen
Additional recordings September 24th-30th 2018 by Petter Eldh, Galatea Studios, Berlin

more info: www.editionrecords.com

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