1865 - Songs of Hope and Home from the American Civil War [Hybrid SACD]

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  • Producent: Harmonia Mundi
  • Kod producenta: 093046754969
  • Wykonawca: Anonymous 4
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Editor's Info:
1865 focuses on the personal experience of men, women, and children from the North and from the South, toward the end of the Civil War and in its immediate aftermath as told in songs originally written for the stage and for the parlor, and in songs and instrumental tunes from the hills and back roads of America.

* * * * 'a fascinating exploration of the popular music of 1865 in superbly sympathetic performances'
Robert Hugill Planet Hugill, 15th February 2015

Performance * * * * * Recording * * * * * 'A superbly put together sequence ... Some of the tunes are very familiar, but gain an extra poignancy in this album's programme by the cumulative impact of juxtaposition, and the dignified humility of Anonymous 4's interpretations ... A moving disc, immaculately documented and presented.'
Terry Blain - BBC Music Magazine, April 2015

* * * * * 'This is an understated, yet heartfelt, way to signal the end of 30 years of glorious music-making exactly the qualities that hjave distinguished Anonymous 4 since the beginning.'
Adrian Horsewood Early Music Today, June-August 2015

wydano: 15 April 2016
more info: www.harmoniamundi.com

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